Own ICO "AgroURRA"

  • The issue of own Token iAUR was created on the Blockchain platform Waves
  • for business activities, consolidated enterprises
  • in the structure of AgroURRA.
  • Register on the Waves Blockchain platform, use your digital wallet on our platform to Buy and Withdraw Tokens iAUR
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You become the owner of a secure wallet

Profitability is calculated automatically once a year

Payments to depositors are simple and convenient

Owners store their coins on the platform ICO



Affordable price for the IAUR Token, security with Property and Insurance!

Our mission

We decided to issue our own IAUR Token for solving global projects in agriculture.


Income over 101% per annum is accrued by our Tokens automatically on the ICO platform once a year, on the number of Tokens in your account!


Having bought 100 iAUR Tokens from us today, in a year you will receive + 101 iAUR Tokens and in 366 days you enter the Waves exchange with 201 Tokens and sell them there at the market price where the iAUR Token rate is pegged to the coin Waves 1x1


our solution

Blockchain Waves:

iAUR Token released on the basis of the Russian platform Waves Blockchain

Safe transactions:

Ease and Speed of Bulk Transactions for Business and Investors

Payment systems:

Affordable payment systems for any task and purpose.


Our method and vision

Cloud solutions:

Allows you to be present everywhere on all continents.

Be safe with KYC:

Verifying your account will protect your investment.

Decentralized Exchanges:

Our goal is to be on all available cryptocurrency exchanges.

Main question Our mission!?

Breeding of cattle of Meat and Dairy livestock, on the basis of consolidated agricultural enterprises,
on the territories of the Tver region and the Central Federal District.

How it works

Our ecosystem is based on blockchain and we solve the issues of the present and the future


Introducing the platform ICO

Which allows you to manage all the processes of buying, selling tokens, share tokens, display on the exchange, create a referral clan, and earn additional Bonuses and Tokens on this.

Safe Transactions
Payment gateway
Verification KYC

Get 10% extra coins on purchases over $5.000

Get 15% extra coins on purchases over $50.000

Get 20% extra coins on purchases over $100.000


Bonus Token +5% Тоken iAUR
per REFERRALS 5% Тоken iAUR


Below we have provided some answers to ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies and a few more general questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us by email.

What ICO?

ICO - is a unique platform; and easy to use, completely transforming the way you raise capital.

you can use Waves ETH BTC DASH XMR LTC USDC RUB.

Register on the Waves Blockchain platform, use your digital wallet on our platform to buy and withdraw IAUR tokens.

Income over 101% per annum is accrued automatically on the ICO platform once a year in accordance with the number of Tokens in your account.

Tokens are simply more efficient and automated digital forms of assets.

token transactions are fully automated and cannot be regulated or blocked by any third party entity. This makes tokenized systems global and accessible to everyone on Earth. Regardless of the country of origin, political situation, culture, religion or economic situation.

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